Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is where one quotes Mark Twain

A comment from Dania on The Thread Everlasting tapped into an interesting period in the history of The Thread when its death was prematurely predicted, and even requested, by a number of otherwise enthusiastic Threadizens. Here follow some laughably FAIL quotes, nostalgically evoking a simpler, less complicated, somehow more innocent time of days long gone by. Little could we have known at the time (March-April 2009) what glorious heights The Thread would soon reach. Is this Irony? I forget.

From the I have no idea subThread (comment numbers are internal):

RevBDC (@#1107): Someone needs to poke this thread between the eyes with a sharp stick and then smash it on a rock.

NoR,OM: PZ could close this thread and put it out of its misery.

ZombieRevBDC: poke then smash


Rorschach: PZ,switch off the light in here.....:-)

SC,OM: Please kill this thread before it kills my laptop.

SDiM: This thread can now be left to die with a smile on its, uh, screen.

RevBDC: I wish I had a stick sharp and long enough and a rock... um... smashy enough to put this thread out of its misery.

Dania: I don't even want to think of what we will end up talking about if PZ doesn't kill this thread soon...

Josh: Sadly though, I think you're right; we will have to pop smoke on this thread at some point.

SC,OM (presciently, @#13210): Couldn't we agree to move this to another thread? Would that wreck the vibe? I don't want to have to keep turning my computer off and on...

Sphere Coupler: aaaaaannnnnnnd cut...that's a wrap folks, everybody did a swell job, help yourself to the coffee and doughnuts....The End...?

RevBDC: Now can we please send this thread to its eternal slumber?

'Tis: Yes, let's let this thread shuffle off its mortal coil. Far be it from any of us to post meaningless posts on this ever lengthening thread. Let it go, let it go. Let us reverently put this thread on a viking longboat, set the boat on fire, and let it drift into the sunset. No, wait, instead of a longboat, we should make a replica of Noah's ark. That would be more appropriate, don't you think? We should have a discussion about how this thread should be given the long farewell. To paraphrase Eric Boogle:
Shall we beat the drum slowly, shall we play the pipes lowly?
Shall rifles fir[e] o'er it as we lower it down?
Shall the bugles sound The Last Post in chorus?
Shall the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?

'Tis: But, once again, for FSM's sake, let this thread go gentle into that good night.

'Tis: I reiterate Rev BDC's heartfelt cry to let this thread cease to have posts made to it.

Rorschach: I suggested that about a (felt) year ago !

Josh: I agree. I think we can safely put this thread down. Let us, as we say in the biz, pop smoke.

RevBDC: Mihi ignosce. Cum homine de cane debeo congredi. [whatever the fuck that means]

SDiM: I join the chorus requesting no further posts on this thread

SDiM: I...repeat my call for no more posting on this particular thread

NoR,OM: May this thread rest in peace. *taps in the background, 21 gun salute*

SDiM (@#1375): I...ask, once more, for a cessation of further posting on this stinking zombie of an overripe and most certainly dead thread.

[There then follows considerable continued silliness, the unexpected return of Creationist and Flud Geologist Alan Clarke to the Thread, and a change in whiny requests from "kill The Thread" to "spawn a new subThread."]

PZ (@#1452): Thread finally closed. If you insist, continue on here.

[Thus, tragedy was narrowly averted.]

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JNOV said...

So, am I in trouble for mucking up the thread with all those videos I embedded? ::sad panda::