Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heroes # 9, is it?

for Cat's Cradle alone, but so much more too.

for Sometimes a Great Notion alone, but so much more too.

one more Kesey shot:

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Jim Cummings said...

under-the-radar Kesey: his mid-life chapter as an insightful and entertaining essayist. His life-as-the-story trip (and possibly just loss of youthful energy) meant his two early novels were the apparent peak of his writerly path, but Demon Box collects some killer pieces, including extended essays on sports, Egyptology, Cassady, and his should-be-eternal classic on the Spotlight of Fame, written for Rolling Stone after Lennon's death, but oh-so-poignant also in considering the poisoned shell which Jerry tried his best to retreat into. I just wish ol' Kezey had managed to get together a 7th issue of Spit into the Ocean and complete that neat little serialized novella....that thread was just kind of left waving in the wind for his last 15 years!

Also, nice shot of Furthur at rest. I still think it's bit of a sacrilege that the kids and remaining oldsters pulled 'er out a few years back in an apparent folly about refurbishing. but hey, it's their bus and their fun afternoon together, they can do what they want with it!