Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My favorite zoology vids

Sir David Attenborough’s Tree of Life (please start here!)
(a little animal/vertebrate-centric but otherwise beautiful)

many more follow

Spiral cleavage

Amphioxus development

Zebrafish development

Frog development

Cambrian animals beautifully animated (yes, these existed; we have excellent fossils of each)(big .mov file takes a while to load; worth the wait)

a ctenophore

Zombie Snail & fluke

cone snail eats

“sea angel” (pelagic nudibranch) kills and eats a “sea butterfly” (pelagic snail)

Very bizarre slug sex

On the Advantages of Skeletonlessness

Disappearing octopus

Algae octopus

Mimic octopus

Coconut octopus
and especially

Just plain bizarre octopus

Squid flash

and (w/soundtrack)

bioluminescence and cephalopods

Vampire Squid from Hell

Suicide cricket/nematomorph


Spider drugs

barnacle sex

barnacle sex in silly music video

giant centipede catches bat

Colbert learns of tongue-eating isopods

really weird insect

bees cook giant hornet

assorted marine invertebrates

Antarctic scavengers @ dead seal

swimming sea cucumber

hagfish slime
(slime at about 3:45)

goblin shark

walking catfish

moray jaws

amazing fish jaws


psychedic hopping frogfish

barreleye fish (with transparent skull)

bullfrogs eat—or try to, anyway

basilisk lizard runs on water—seriously!

slo-mo hummingbird

incredible flyng penguins*

giant explosive corkscrew duck penis (you were warned)

bats fly, hover, walk & gallop

dolphins blowing amazing bubbles

giraffe fight

nicotinic synapses (#7)

Stanford students rap on chemical synapses

Pinky & The Brain re brain anatomy

split brain

Stanford students rap on the autonomic NS

Rube Goldberg animation (a metaphor for the physiological process of muscle contraction)
(let it load, then wait for it…)

A real Rube Goldberg machine…incredible


*just kidding


Chas Peterson said...

bah, the goblin shark is no more. I'll figure out how to sub something else soon...follow your own google-fu.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Bookmarked for future time-killing... what an epic list!

Starglider said...

Great collection of links. Thanks for it.

Chas Peterson said...

Thanks for the thanks!

I added a couple and fixed some dead links, including the goblin shark.

May I recommend "cone snail eats"?