Tuesday, May 1, 2012

cast of Enterprise 2

Cdr. Charles "Trip" Tucker III is a chimera-character. I'm prety sure he's designed to combine the homespun Southern charm, best-personal-friend-o-the-cap'n role, and emotional-homunculus-on-the-right-shoulder trope-purpose of McCoy with the more cynically targeted appeal-to-young-women function of Chekov*, wrapped up in Scotty's old crew-slot.

Unfortunately he comes across to me mostly like a Pensacola frat-boy. Since I already know he gets the girl woman Vulcaness in the end, that's kind of a drag.

* even to me, tuning in to the second-season primetime premier the night before my 8th birthday, it was clear that Chekov was a Russian Davy Jones.