Saturday, May 8, 2010

New New Thread Everlasting Omnibus Update Toodle-oo

[meta: I guess this is probably the last one of these I'll do.
Anyone interested in the data can e me: svendimiloATgmail]

Here is the State of teh Thread: Two years! Hoo-ray!
[a kind of minimalist 2-y retrospective from the IJoTS is over here.]
Updatedate: 02/25/2011
Comment Count: 135698
Current Episode: Episode CLXXVI: Atheism ain’t just for us old geezers (link)

Fig. 1: [click to enlarge] Comment count for the first two years of Pharyngula's Endless Thread. The colorful vertical lines mark each of the first 50 or so subThreads, but I gave up on that shit. Red threadmarkers with adherent vestigial green threads mark anastomoses. The pink threadmarker is the 1-year mark. Somewhere in there in light blue are the parallel subsubThreads CXXVb and CLXIIb..

Archives and detailed history of teh Thread are squirreled away here, frozen in time on 3/30/2010 forever.

so it goes


David Marjanović said...

That's a steep increase from 56,000 to 60,000.

Monado said...

You're going to need a bigger graph. I can't even see the subthread split.

Rorschach said...

And now we need new hobbies.