Friday, February 19, 2010

Greatest Catfood Commercial of All Time

...if only I had the skillz to replace the soundtrack with...mmm...'The Porpoise Song'?
'Blue Jay Way'?

'White Rabbit'?

but anyway:

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Ron Sullivan said...

Wow. How have I missed that? Not enough TV I guess, and I'm not about to change that.

We feet Matt the Cat Friskies canned stuff (and some kibble or other) and one thing has bugged me for some time now. it's all "With." "With Beef" or "With Chicken" or that like. I think this is a change within the last decade; used ta be the labels were all forthright: "cow guts" or "fish leftovers" or "notional chicken" or whatever. Starting and ending a description with "with" is somehow grammatically offensive.

Baby seal with salmon, I guess. Or mustang with liver. Or alleycat with tarpon, I dunno. Gets creepy when you think about it too long.

Matt seems to like it, though. Then again, he can't read, theoretically.