Monday, April 6, 2009

Heroes #5

I quote from Blair Jackson's excellent liner notes to the recent archival Grateful Dead release, recorded in Feb. 1968:
...hipster hero and Merry Prankster Neal Cassady, of On the Road and Acid Test fame, driver of Kesey's psychedelic bus and one-man living conceptual art piece....[Bob Weir:]"He was the guy who was the most completely in-the-moment of anyone I've ever met."


Inspiration, Move Me Brightly... said...

He was a one of a kind... and that's an amazing Dead show, thought by many to be the very best of '68.

Chas Peterson said...

Yeah, that's the second show (the first being 11/11/73) that I've had on cassette, booted CD, and oficial release. Amazing music.
Thanks for commenting.